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I have received a number of inquiries about the availability of sheet metal parts. Unfortunately, I do not stock any sheet metal. Due to the large amount of storage area required and the possibility of damage during transport and storage, my father never purchased fenders, hoods, quarter panels and similar parts.

The part lists on this website contain my entire inventory, with nothing held back.

To search for parts, click on the button naming the GM brand you are interested in. You may view the PDF in your web browser or save it to your computer. Please read the informational pages at the top of the lists before viewing the part listings. The informational pages change from make to make.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it with this link:

Please keep in mind that like most sellers of NOS parts, I am selling all items in "as-is" condition, with no warranties or guarantee of function. I cannot be certain that a part will function as new after many years of storage. This is especially true of electrical parts. I will do all I can to give you an accurate description of a part after a thorough visual inspection.

To ask questions about parts and accessories, downloading part lists or any other questions about this website, please use the Contact page.

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