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My name is Winter Lane. My father, Herb Lane, had a lifelong interest in General Motors vehicles. His main interests were Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles. In 1975, he purchased a 1967 GTO convertible to rebuild. At that time, it was getting difficult to find some parts and accessories for the car at dealership parts departments. Being a manufacturer's representative in a four state region made it easy for him to stop at many dealers to search for needed parts to restore the GTO. What began as a search for the proper set of front and rear floor mats ended up being a treasure hunt for all types of GM parts, new and used. Herb formed good relationships with many parts managers and was welcome at dealers in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.

As I grew up, I went on many trips with my father to dealerships, swap meets, salvage yards and any other place that we might find desirable items. He was especially fond of accessories and exterior trim. He would occasionally sell used items at swap meets, but reserved new old stock items for sale "someday" in a mail order business or on eBay. We had a good working partnership with the parts business. He would search for and purchase the parts, while it was my job to identify the parts. We found out rather quickly that he could amass parts more quickly than I could identify them! 

My background and experiences have been a help with identifying parts. After graduating from a vocational school in 1982, I worked in GM dealership service departments as a technician until 1999. I was an Oldsmobile and Chevrolet Master Technician, and even competed in the Olds National Master Technician competition in 1998. I have an interest in GM parts literature and have collected over 1000 GM and Delco parts catalogs, price schedules and other items published from the 1920's to the present day. I use this library to identify the parts that my father collected.
My father died of a massive stroke on Christmas Eve, 2003. I was able to purchase the inventory of parts from my mother and am now making them available to you. I am a husband, a father of a lovely 13 year-old girl, and work at a "normal" full-time job as others do.
I look forward to providing you with the quality parts you need to restore or repair your General Motors cars and trucks.


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